Casas Del Bosque 2013 Reserva Pinot Noir, Vinous 90 points, $16.98

The Casas Del Bosque 2013 Reserva Pinot Noir ($16.98/Vinous 90 points) from the Casablanca Valley of Chile is a remarkable wine that we were very excited to try. Trying this wine were the usual crew of Jimm, Tasho, and myself (Kyle). We, as always, poured the wine into a decanter. We also served the wine with a small chill. The nose was very impressive on this wine with notes of peppery spice, dried herb, and also there was a dried mint component (think a stick of dried-out spearmint gum). Also, we picked up a slight gun-smoke minerality and slight hints of cooking chocolate. On the palate, their were gobs of delicious black cherry, black raspberry, and cherry pits. This wine had a remarkable 35+ second harmonic finish that wrapped up the experience of tasting in style. For $16.98, the Casas Del Bosque 2013 Reserva Pinot Noir is a value. Value can be an overused word in the wine world, but in this case, calling this wine a value is an understatement! 

Until We Taste Again,

This article was published on September 6, 2015

Purple Cowboy 2013 Tenacious Red (Syrah-Cabernet), Paso Robles, $14.98, Wine Review 90 Points!

This wine is selling well with lots of repeat buyers. Honestly, after trying the wine, I'm a little surprised. My surprise stems not from there being anything wrong with the wine, but from the wine's need for decanting. Usually, the average consumer just opens, pours and drinks. On wines we've tried that need a certain amount of decanting to show their best, we always advise our patrons of that specific need. In this instance, the 2013 Purple Cowboy benefits greatly from 25-30 minutes of decanting which may seem somewhat lengthy for a sub-$15 wine. For those of you who have been liking this wine without decanting it, I know that you will love it after 25-30 minutes of air!

During the decanting process, the wine starts out dark and charred with aromas of blackberry liqueur, stewed black plums, and burnt matchstick. There's a slight bitterness to the fruit flavors that eventually disappears. As the wine begins opening, aromas of pencil shavings, earth, and distant bell pepper emerge. 

At about 27 minutes into the decanting process, the gradual improvement of the wine reaches a point that becomes very inviting. All of the aromas and flavors mentioned above meld nicely. A hint of black cherry emerges adding a red-fruit complexity that nicely contrasts the stewed black plum and blackberry flavors. Aromas and flavors of cassis begin to further complicate the wine. At 38 minutes after opening, an interesting aroma comes up that's like Juicy Fruit gum. Warm aromas of cinnamon and oak join in with the cool aroma of dried soft green leaves. Although the wine has a nice 25-second finish, it seems to start fading a bit past 50 minutes after opening. Therefore, the drinking window begins after about 27 minutes of decanting and last 30 minutes.

The 2013 Purple Cowboy has the perfect personality for cool to cold Fall and Winter evening. Enjoy this one on the patio with friends after dinner. It will pair nicely with flavorful grilled ribeyes. With proper decanting, I find that the wine lives up to Wine Review's 90-point score (quite good for a sub-$15 wine).

Tasho Katsaboulas

This article was published on February 9, 2016

Vina Robles 2012 Red 4, $16.98, Wine Review 90 Points

Tasho and I (Jimm) tasted this wine under our usual rigorous tasting conditions, giving the wine ample time to open and show its hand. As mentioned, this is a Rhone-inspired blend from Paso Robles, California. However, atypical from Southern Rhones, this blend showcases an interesting 50% Petite Sirah with the normal Rhone elements of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre composing the other half. Also, while this wine does display a power one might expect from a Paso Robles red, it does it with finesse, complexity, and less alcohol (13.9%) than some of the high-octane offerings from the region. But the fruit is unmistakably the star of the show here and is well displayed and supported.

Initially, the nose reveals a tarry quality, yet combined with a dry, spicy leafiness. There is an earthy depth here, stewed plums with reduced blackberry paste, and blue fruit and dark chocolate powder that richly extends to the plush mid-palate. The fruit-forward finish is long and underpinned by an herbal/spice softness.

While not the usual would-be Rhone blend, fans of the style will find a welcome value here, rich and complex, powerful without unnecessary muscle, and delicious fruit served upon very balanced tannins. A joy to drink.


This article was published on February 12, 2016

Casa Del Bosque 2013 Chardonnay, Casablanca Valley, Chile - Descorchados 90 Points (Tasho Katsaboulas 92-93)

2013 Casa Del Bosque Chardonnay, Casablanca Valley, Chile. $14.98 & Descorchados 90 Points (Tasho Katsaboulas 92-93)

First, I can only assume that this wine was going through a bit of a quiet period when Descorchados scored it 90 points. I give this sensational wine a much higher score of 92-93. After turning the bottle up 180 degrees to splash the wine into a decanter and agitating (like a washing machine) intermittently for 10 minutes, the wine immediately reveals rock salt, flint, cold wet white stone and pear on the nose. There's a beautiful mineral character within this wine. After twenty minutes, a remarkable depth of pear, apple, cold butter and hints of vanilla are given on the palate. Over the next 10 - 15 minutes, the depth intensifies to a golden richness of the fruits above. A sustained current of crisp acidity and sea-breeze minerality energetically continues the flavors across the palate. On the finish, the core apple and pear flavors become accented by flavors of lemon oil, baking-spice accented vanilla and grapefruit on the 40-second finish. Later, a taste of sweet yellow plums (wine is dry) emerges. The depth and concentration of this wine would be admirable in a bottle at twice the price. The observations above were all experienced within 45 minutes of the bottle being opened. I returned a couple of hours later and found the wine presenting an incredible seamless melding of oceanic salinity, chilled grapefruit liqueur, and brown spices with expanded length. For enthusiasts of mineral driven Chardonnays, this is a show-stopping effort by Casa Del Bosque at an unbelievable price. Chalk this up as my top Chardonnay recommendation up to a budget double the wine's price!

-Tasho Katsaboulas

This article was published on Sep 28, 2015

Finca El Origen 2014 Torrontes $13.98, Guiapenin 91 Points

We are now in the heart of summer in Mississippi and we are all looking for any way possible to cool down. Well, one great way to accomplish this feat is to drink some nice, cold, white wine, and the 2014 Finca El Origen Torrontes is the perfect choice. This wine is only $13.98 and is a Guiapenin 91 point score.  Sitting for this tasting were the usual suspects, Tasho, Jimm, and myself (Kyle). We poured this wine in a decanter cold and then poured up our glasses. Straight out of the bottle, this wine immediately had strong notes of high-end, coconut tanning lotion with a little soapiness. This made us all want to find the nearest pool! Speaking of which, this wine would go perfect by the pool! After about 10 minutes, the wine opened up with notes of white flower nectar, and a very interesting, oily, spiciness on the palate. We also picked up some aromas of lanolin. As the wine progressed, we picked up notes of dried lemon, fruit-stripe gum (almost like a dried Juicy-Fruit), and also freshly sliced lemons! After about 20 minutes, we tasted wonderful hints of lemon glaze. This wine has very intense coconut/white flower characteristics, and is a great new wine to try if you have never tasted the best kept secret of Argentina, Torrontes! (Also, we have it COLD!)

Until we taste again,