Bulleit Bourbon Review

One of the biggest questions we are asked in store is have you tried this? So, therefore, here are some thoughts on a item I have tried recently.

Bulleit Bourbon: 750ml $25.88/ 1.75L $40.97

This Kentucky Bourbon sits at 90 proof and comes in a very cool looking, old school bottle which plays on the name Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whisky. I like a good looking bottle as much as the next person, so I decided to give it a shot. Upon pouring, this bourbon had a great color to it, and a wonderful nose which was only mildly affected by the alcohol. The nose gave lots of spicy notes and also some light vanilla as well. This bourbon has a higher rye content than some, with about 28% of the mash bill consisting of rye. This gave the bourbon some nice spice on the palate and enough bite to really blend well with the sweetness of the bourbon. I tasted some nice caramel notes and also, some cinnamon notes as well. The bourbon was a nice blend of sweetness and also spiciness as well. Overall, I rate this bourbon 94 points and in my opinion, for the price, it is an amazing deal. If you do not like any bite in your bourbon, this one might not be for you, but for all the rye lovers out there, this is one to try!