Finca El Origen 2014 Torrontes $13.98, Guiapenin 91 Points

We are now in the heart of summer in Mississippi and we are all looking for any way possible to cool down. Well, one great way to accomplish this feat is to drink some nice, cold, white wine, and the 2014 Finca El Origen Torrontes is the perfect choice. This wine is only $13.98 and is a Guiapenin 91 point score.  Sitting for this tasting were the usual suspects, Tasho, Jimm, and myself (Kyle). We poured this wine in a decanter cold and then poured up our glasses. Straight out of the bottle, this wine immediately had strong notes of high-end, coconut tanning lotion with a little soapiness. This made us all want to find the nearest pool! Speaking of which, this wine would go perfect by the pool! After about 10 minutes, the wine opened up with notes of white flower nectar, and a very interesting, oily, spiciness on the palate. We also picked up some aromas of lanolin. As the wine progressed, we picked up notes of dried lemon, fruit-stripe gum (almost like a dried Juicy-Fruit), and also freshly sliced lemons! After about 20 minutes, we tasted wonderful hints of lemon glaze. This wine has very intense coconut/white flower characteristics, and is a great new wine to try if you have never tasted the best kept secret of Argentina, Torrontes! (Also, we have it COLD!)

Until we taste again,