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To avoid duplicate orders, please contact the party's other planners to confirm that an estimate has not already been requested for this event.

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NOTE: If crystal is not needed, please disregard this question.
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If your event date is within 6 days, most orders can be filled out of our extensive on-hand inventory. If it is necessary for us to place an order for your event, we are generally able to fulfill orders when notified by 10pm three days (excluding Mondays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) before the pick-up date
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NOTE: When considered with time of year, this helps us to make the best recommendations on what to serve
About Responding Below:
Because we add 10-15% more wine and spirits than the amount necessitated by your answers, there is no need to exaggerate your numbers. Providing reasonably accurate responses will ensure that you have a more-than-adequate, but not excessive, supply for your event
IMPORTANT: Please set an exact length rather than declaring a range – the next question will address average stay
2. Will the event be come and go? *
IMPORTANT: Typically, no more than 65% of in-town invitees attend. The percentage of out-of-town invitees attending will be far less. Of the invitees expected to attend, usually at least 10% will not drink. Factors that may reduce the number of drinkers further include age, religion, event type, and time of day
5. What percentage of women do you expect to drink liquor? *
Remaining Women Allocated to Wine:
The remaining percentage of women will be allocated toward wine consumption. Please remember that, because we build in 10-15% of excess, these allocations do not have to be absolutely precise, just reasonably accurate. If you expect a significant number (more than 15%) of women to drink beer, please scroll down and make a note of this under Additional Comments.
6. What percentage of the men do you expect to drink beer? *
TIP: The younger the crowd, the more they drink beer. When liquor is not served and the guys aren't the “wine and cheese” type, beer consumption tends to be higher. Serving only white wine causes beer use to increase further. When liquor is served, beer consumption becomes more reserved
7. What percentage of the men do you expect to drink liquor? *
Remaining Men Allocated to Wine:
Any remaining percentage of men not allocated by the preceding two answers will be counted toward wine consumption. Remember that, because we build in 10-15% of excess, these allocations do not have to be absolutely precise, just reasonably accurate
8. Group personality
TIP: Offering two will allow for medium and full bodied offerings. If red wine will not be served, please answer “0” and, if guys are attending, expect beer and/or liquor consumption to be especially strong
TIP: Offering two will allow for light and full bodied offerings. Please answer “0” if white wine will not be served
11. If sparkling wine will be served, please select each way that it will be served:
TIP: General drinking is when sparkling wine is offered as an option throughout the event. With casual toasts, although flutes and sparkling wine are available, they are not actively distributed by servers. With highly orchestrated group toasts, before toasting, flutes are distributed and sparkling wine is served in a full service scenario
12. Please select a wine budget: *
If Spirits will NOT be served, please skip down to “Additional Comments”.
1. What types of Spirits will be served?
2. What quality level of Spirits will be served?
NOTE: Serving from multiple locations will result in a need for more (about 20%) alcohol for the same number of drinkers.
TIP: Generally, very few men drink specialty cocktails. If the cocktails are not distributed, usually 60 - 70% of women expected to drink liquor and 40 - 50% of women expected to drink wine will try a specialty cocktail. Many will have just one, and it is unusual for a guest to have more than a couple. Specialty drinks, such as the Bellini, that do not utilize liquor will result in an even higher percentage (around 75%) of women partaking.

By Submitting This Form, Customer Agrees to the Following:
Customer Approval Required: Submitting this form does not constitute placing an order. This form is merely a request for an estimate to which the customer must reply with approval before any order is placed. Conditions of Reservation: Crystal reservations are not confirmed until Customer receives a confirmation email. All reservations are subject to the Customer signing our Glass Loan Agreement at the time of pick-up. A deposit may be required. Missing or Damaged Crystal: Whereas use is complimentary, the Customer agrees to reimburse Kats Wine & Spirits for any crystal which is chipped, broken, lost, or stolen while in the Customer's possession. All crystal must be transported upon carpeted cargo areas or cushioned seating. The Customer accepts responsibility for transport and use by others. Pickup and Return Times: Unless otherwise arranged by email with, orders and crystal will be available the day of the event (or Saturday if the event is on a Sunday) at or after 2pm. Unless otherwise arranged by email with, Customer agrees to return all crystal on the next business day (including Saturdays) following the event date. Time of Payment as it Relates to Pricing and Availability: Because ABC releases price updates monthly, paying for orders within the quotation month will ensure price. Also, if ABC were to have an outage at the time of your event, we might have to make a substitution. If substitutions are not acceptable, letting us know and paying at the time of quotation will allow us to place an order for your items in advance. If the foregoing are not concerns, customers are welcome to pay at the time of pickup. Return Policy: We are glad to accept returns on undamaged items. If coolers are used, rotate wines in as needed to avoid damage by ice and condensation. If there is any indication that items have become hot, they are considered damaged. Refunds are issued via store credit or company check within 7 days of the purchase date. A restocking fee of 10% will be added to all returns over 12 items.  Discounts disqualified by return will be deducted from refund. Customer's Assistance Toward Avoiding Duplicate Orders: After agreeing above, to prevent duplicate orders, please send immediate notice to all others involved with planning this event that crystal and an estimate have been requested. Also, should your event be cancelled, we will greatly appreciate your prompt notification.