Ole Smoky

Moonshine has forever had the reputation of being the illicit rotgut more potent than jet fuel that contained the very real danger of causing blindness and sometimes death.  You really had to know and trust your moonshiner, that he used a proper still and not an old radiator.

Thankfully, those days are (largely) behind us and a new breed of legal moonshine has been gaining ground, and respect, in the market. One of the latest entries on the scene, brand new to Mississippi, is Ole Smoky Distillery.  Currently, the original Moonshine, the White Lightning and the Apple Pie Moonshine are available in Mississippi, and Kats Wine & Spirits is proud to carry them all.

The Moonshine is meant for sipping, an unaged corn whiskey based on an authentic Tennessee recipe.  The White Lightning is meant for mixing, made from neutral spirits, an alternative to vodka, tequila or gin.  The Apple Pie Moonshine is based on an authentic Appalachian recipe, a classic way to make the strong moonshine more palatable.

The day the shipment arrived, I took home a jar (yes, they come in Mason jars!) of the Apple Pie Moonshine.  I was excited to try this version of the storied drink, having heard it mentioned in several films and television shows.  On twisting the lid, the aroma of apple pie wafted out immediately.  Encouraged, I poured a healthy measure and sipped it slowly.  Made from apple juice, cinnamon and other spices, it truly possesses the flavors one expects from a home-baked apple pie, equally sweet and savory without being overly viscous or cloying.  At 40 proof, there is virtually no bite from the alcohol, just a gentle warmth on swallowing.  This drink could certainly sneak up on you, so be forewarned.  Because you will have more than one!

At the recommendation of the Ole Smoky website, I tried it not only straight from the jar at room temperature, but also chilled and heated.  I found that chilling seemed to make the alcohol more noticeable and lessened the pie-like qualities that I had enjoyed at room temperature.  However, heating really enhanced the aromatic qualities significantly; it really smelled like a pie was in the oven!  The warmed beverage presented a much rounder mouth feel and the alcohol bite, what little there was, all but vanished. I noticed that I drank more slowly and savored each sip, relishing the flavors more fully.

I highly recommend trying this fantastic line of products.  And I have a feeling that the Apple Pie Moonshine will be a hot Christmas gift!

Jimm Brumley

Lead Wine Buyer

3 thoughts on “Ole Smoky

  1. I was wondering if you have the Blackberry in this product? On a trip to Gatlinburg for my sons wedding we went in this shop and OMG it was great. I only purchased 1 bottle at the time but I did taste all 12 flavors they produce. I recomend this to anyone it is really great. My Mother who is 73yrs loves the Blackberry. She will drink a small amount, as they say for what ails her. lol We had a party and my sons friends ended up drinking all we had and I can find the Blackberry anywhere. Also the Cherries are great. I live in Southern MS so I can’t just jump in the car and run to TN to get some more. Would love it if someone closer would try to get the other flavors. They also have peach and strawberry that are very good. If you have any of the other flavors I would would drive the hour and half to buy this product as we really really like it!!!!